Elida Reyna – Adicta

Once again Elida Reyna y Avante delivers an outstanding performance, incredible range and tight musical arrangements on the cd ADICTA..

Adicta was produced by Avante group leader and drummer Lalo Reyna III. This new cd includes 12 songs that includes Adicta, the smash hit in both the USA and Mexico, Para No Morir, Bajo Las Estrellas, Amor De Una Madre, Bailale, Primera Clase, Gracias, Es LoMejor, Mi Principe Azul, Decirte Amor, Mirada Que Fascina and Nuestra Historia de Amor.
Truly one of Tejano music divas, the cd and music video of Elida Reyna y Avantes, Adicta, is a must have in your musical library.


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