Kanela Band

Since the late 1970’s, Kanela Band, from Corpus Christi, has been one of the main stays in Tejano music. From that time till now this keyboard driven group has used mostly their own material, a unique quality that seperates Kanela from other groups and brings a true originality to this group.
Kanela’s latest cd “Nuevo Sabor”, on the Hacienda Record label has brought a sound that will surely be a must have for all Tejano music fans.
Highlights from this cd include “Lady”(Tu Bello Amor) and “Como Sufro” and other hits which are getting constant airplay on Musicatejana.com-Tejano Music Radio.
Kanela includes the Rodriguez brothers, Joe on vocals, Martin on bass, Johnny on keyboards, Edward Aguilar on guitar, Jesse Martinez on drums, Jackie Gomez on vocals and Meliton Garcia manager and sound.
With a unique sound this new cd by Kanela “Nuevo Sabor” is Tejano music at it’s finest..


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