Magali Delarosa

Magali Delarosa is both beauty and talent rolled into one. The Mexican-American Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Fashion Designer, was born in the Rio Grande Valley(Pharr, Texas), and after her High School graduation, passionately pursued her dream by moving to Los Angeles, California. Magali’s musical upbringing is so closely aligned with her musical influence, the late and great Selena Quintanilla. Both women were inspired at a young age by their music-loving fathers. Magali’s father, Carlos Delarosa, was a Tejano-Rock Musician and Producer
Magali’s current single “Que Sera De Mi” included in her cd “Esta Vez is currently #2 on the Latin Music charts, her new single “Ya Es Hora” on the Tambora Music Label is due to be released on July 30th.
You can listen to Magali’s latest hits on your totally Tejano internet radio station Music Radio.


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