Rick Fuentes & The Brown Express

In the 1970’s Ricardo Fuentes, Sr accordionist and organist founded The Brown Express a Tejano and Chicano band from San Jose, California. Now his son Rick Fuentes is presenting the next generation, Rick Fuentes & The Brown Express. Their first release from the debut album titled Rick Fuentes & The Brown Express is “La Morenita”, a catchy cumbia that will definitely climb atop the Tejano music charts real soon.
This new project by the Brown Express shows the groups versatility as well as Rick’s talent in producing different styles of arrangements which include rhythms of Tejano, conjunto and cumbias. In listening to the Brown Express’s new cd, it brought back many memories of Ricardo Fuentes, Sr whom I met personally along with Chavela and the rest of the band members.
This new cd is a very memorable cd, a must have for your Tejano music library and is now on sale online at brownexpressmusic.com or at your favorite Tejano music store.


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