“Nikki Lopez”

“Nikki Lopez” affectionately know as the Tex-Mex Beyonce has released “Le Ensene A Mi Corazon”, a dance oriented ranchera written by prolific songwriter “Humberto” Beto”Ramon” and produced by multi-Grammy winner Mario Vigil..
“Le Ensene A MiCorazon” is the follow-up to “Canciones y Tequila” also written by “Humberto” Beto”Ramon and the late “Mario Espinoza”.
What a winning combination “Nikki Lopez”, “Mario “Vigil”,”Humberto” Beto”Ramon” and you the fans of Tejano Music. You can listen to all of “Nikki Lopez” latest releases on “Musicatejana.com”-Tejano Music Radio


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